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March 31, 2020 9:00 AM

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Dear friends,

Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to since last I wrote. We find ourselves, like many others, rescheduling and reprioritizing amidst Covid-19. From this cloud of uncertainty, we continue working hard to get things up and running for our re-emergence, which we hope will come this fall.

Our advisory board — Diana Cage, Ryanaustin Dennis, Jackie Im, Claudia La Rocco, and Matt Sussman — have been meeting with me monthly since the beginning of this year to help plan and implement new pathways for Small Press Traffic. It’s hard to express how lucky I feel to be kicking things off with this team. Their feedback and conversation has been invaluable to this process.

SPT is grateful to the Center for New Music for fiscal sponsorship. We’re excited to be under the umbrella of this organization, that not only presents concerts but serves as a community resource for local artists and endeavors. Without them, we’d have no access to grants and donations that will help us build programs and experiences moving forward.

So, what have we been thinking about?

What will this look like in practice? Still working on that. But we plan to make it fun. It’s good to have fun. We’ve got some ambitious ideas which we'll roll out incrementally, but our commitment at this moment is to the process, to keeping things open and porous. In this spirit of experimentation, we want to hear your thoughts! Here’s a *survey*, all questions are optional, of course.

And what’s coming up? This fall, we plan to co-present Stone Marmalade, a play written by Leslie Scalapino and Kevin Killian, two beacons of our world, so dearly missed. The production will be directed by Maxe Crandall and will feature tons of local luminaries. We’ll host a reading and conversation with Robert Gluck, Camille Roy, and Ted Rees. And… we’re going to throw you a party. More on all this soon.

To end on a note of solidarity: we know that many individuals, beloved businesses, and institutional allies in our community have already been hit hard -- personally, professionally, and economically -- as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold. Though many of the fundraising links below are already making the rounds, we wanted to put out one additional call to give support -- whatever form that takes --  and to share resources for support, in case there are any you may have missed.

Hope you are all taking care,


COVID-19 Resources + Fundraising Links

Resources for Individuals

Places we love

And thanks to Liam Curley for compiling this massive spreadsheet of resources!

Syd Staiti

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