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What defines a community? What are the signifiers of Bay Area writing? Of experimental writing? What are the limits and possibilities of aesthetics?

To help investigate these questions, Small Press Traffic is relaunching Traffic Report, an ongoing series of critical writings, talks, and book reviews.

In particular, we are curious about the conditions and experiences for today’s writers of the San Francisco Bay Area—describing the conjunction of flexible labor and new writing styles; exploring connections between local geographies, histories, and literatures; reflecting on the particular and various ecologies of the Bay Area, its reading series, small presses, universities, bookstores.In this moment of ongoing crisis, what can writing—experimental, innovative, multi-genre, traditional, or otherwise—help us appreciate, conceive, and/or upend? How do these possibilities for writing, among any others, manifest in local experiences?

We welcome submissions of approximately 500-800 words, and we hope to publish new writing on a weekly basis. We can offer a small honorarium of $50 for each piece we publish online.  
For submissions, questions and comments: please contact Traffic Reports editors, Samantha Giles and Eric Sneathen, via e-mail at

Submission Guidelines:Please make sure to send your submission to, including the word "submission" in the subject of your emailInclude a very brief bio and author photo and any relevant images pertinent to your submission in your emailPlease send your submission as a DOC or DOCX file. If formatting is important, please also include a PDF.

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