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High Dawn Collected 2020-2021

A record of SPT’s High Dawn 2020-21 event series, all online, in the first year of the pandemic. Limited edition of 50.

Introductions: Robert Glück, Eric Sneathen, Colter Jacobsen, Jamie Townsend, Kate Robinson, Angie Sijun Lou, Trisha Low, Tonya Foster

Selected works: Maxe Crandall, Aaron Shurin, Jameson Fitzpatrick, Kimberly Alidio, Alexis Almeida, Mary Burger, Noah Ross, S*an D. Henry-Smith, Steve Orth, Carrie Hunter, Stephon Lawrence, Muriel Leung, Bahaar Ahsan, Lara Mimosa Montes, Lindsay Choi, Saretta Morgan

DJ / Music / Sound: Matt Sussman, Danishta Rivero, Zachary James Watkins, Topazu w/ visuals by Subset, Madalyn Merkey, Beast Nest/Sharmi Basu, Ryanaustin Dennis, Kaori Suzuki

Limited-run publication designed by Companion-Platform.

$20 (includes shipping and sales tax)

$ 20.00 USD