The Back Room

The sun as a molten orange disc of light spilling along the horizon, with blue-white cloud cover above and below.

Welcome —

Marvin K. White

In the name of knowing that They planned on silencing us. They planned on saying, that They “discovered” the objects — the bone, the feather, the blood splatter, the candle of our past. That They were the only ones who could interpret all. But even when They had found our safes, our tombs, our ruins, or codices, They could not unlock our cosmology. Because on account, that our account, was password protected. It could not have been accessed. It could not have been hacked. They never guessed, because They could not enter into time and release from time, into the present — into their bank accounts, our pigments, our depths, our perspectives, our shadowings and foreshadowings. Here we are. We have not only disrupted their narrative, we have overwritten and overrode it. The firewall holds.

I’m writing to ask you to support me and our cause. Just a small donation can help us provide educational programs on the importance of preserving humanity in the wild, as wild, untamed, and decolonized, through re-entry programs, and overseeing the rescue and safe sanctuary for humans who have been neglected, abandoned, or otherwise displaced from their home planets. We are a non-profit organization promoting responsible and sustainable rehabilitation and co-habitation of all living and loving life-forms by providing educational programs on the importance of preserving humanity in the wild, as wild, untamed, and decolonized, through re-entry programs, and overseeing the rescue and safe sanctuary for humans who have been neglected, abandoned, or otherwise displaced from their home planets. Our work grows out of the Exoplanetary South, on issues of Black Holeness and Wellbeing. We are one of a few free-range sanctuary planets. We are the sinew. The humans who come to this “Sanctuary in the Universe,” come from far and wide. Some are ill, some have been neglected or abused, and all are homeless. But once they're at our “Human Safe Haven,” at what is so much more than a no-kill human shelter, they receive everything they need, physically, astral-physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, in order to thrive and make good home.

Welcome — in the name of the material, immaterial, flesh, bone, cell, energy, all having, in the hands of the diasporas, a spiritual essence, welcome! Welcome — in the name of this knowing: that everything we loved, that has always been under threat of being taken, coopted, stolen, or appropriated, has survived. Welcome — in the name of our foresight and forethought and knowing to deposit, better, migrate, better still, upload our gifts— into timelessness, into our account, in “the cloud,” away from the purview of capitalism. Oh, my people, They would have rather seen us dead and seen our artways, and magicways, and eroticways, and loveways destroyed, than see us live into our seventh generation genius.

Earth is the Universe’s only “Open Admissions” planet. We accept all of the Universe’s homeless, injured, orphaned, unwanted, lost, abandoned, and mistreated humans, including companion humans, non-human humans, Nephilim, farm humans, exotic humans, and human-adjacent humans. Every human brought to our door is welcome, regardless of age, breed, temperament or medical condition. In this way we differ from other planets and human welfare organizations that have limited admissions, meaning that they only accept some of the homeless humans in their communities and may refuse those humans they deem difficult to place.

Welcome — in a moment or without a moment’s notice, we will open our lovehouse emissions monitoring station. We must continue to change the climate for good. Continue to reduce our toxic emissions. We will learn best practices for choosing love in our home, travel, food consumables, and throwaway goods. All new members are required to submit hugprints (not fingerprints) to help ensure a stable loveclimate for future, future, future, future, future, future, future generations. We are finally handing off a world that is healthy. Every scar to mother earth has been healed.

Our staff of guides, practitioners, choir, poets, saints, coders, ushers, preachers, ancestors, elders, those who lived, dancers, orisha, ministers, seers, DJ’s, social-justice warriors, and those yet lived, or twice-lived, provide critical interstellar wrap-around services to our community, sheltering billions of the Universe’s stray humans each year and responding to humanity-related forced migrations around the Universe. We enforce human-related welfare laws, rescue lost and abandoned humans from the streets, emancipate and protect humans from abuse, assist in prosecutions for interplanetary trafficking and neglect, investigate and offer conflict resolution, love reintegration, memory, creative and restorative justice to address violences among humans, and promote responsible self-care — while at all times ensuring that the pathways remain open for safe returns to home spheres, home planets, home realms, and home heavens. At Earth, humans who opt to live out their lives terrestrially are invited to live into the joy, peace, success, and love of their understanding.​ 

Welcome — we are gathered here in one place, because we know now that the second coming is a renaissance, is a golden age, a gold rush, and we have lived into it. And it will come again. And it will happen all over the Universe, where people decide that they, despite the news to the contrary, will make it. That there is a greater likelihood that we will, that all life will make it at and get It at the same time, if we are gathered together in one place. Today, we know, we all got it, because we knew all of us had to get it. Welcome — we are all finally right placed, and right timed!

We heard of wars and rumors of wars, and we were not alarmed; our ancient ones, our seven generations back, told us, in an oracle, that this must take place, that the end was still to come. “Don’t be fooled,” they said, “Do not let them convince you that manmade disasters have to be corrected by the same men who caused them. Do not let them convince you that the natural world, and the supernatural world, are not at your beck and call. Nature is love and love has proven to be an impenetrable shield. Do not let them convince you that your screams are not heard galactically. Do not let them convince you that your stories are not recorded in timelessness.”

May the muses, the Gods and Goddesses, the orisha, the saints, the beloved. the justcestors, the peacestors, the transcestors, and the dancecestors, the proto queer and the queercestors, be with you now and forever in the knowing, the one true knowing, that we made it. That future is done. That it worked in our favor. That it has been waiting for us this whole time. One day… we are all become witness, and we are all become archive.

The futurenow moves through space in gratitude toward you. 


The Teaming

The Back Room