The Back Room

A profile photograph of Steve Benson smiling to someone beyond the camera's frame.
Steve Benson

Steve Benson has lived in Surry, Maine, since 1996, where he has co-parented two children and maintained a private practice as a psychologist. He collaborated with nine old friends to prepare the Grand Piano series of autobiographical essays (Mode A, 2006-10) and with Suzanne Stein in thirty-six improvised public on-line chat messaging performances now collected in Do Your Own Damn Laundry (Gauss.pdf, 2019). His most recent books are both self-published: As It Happens (2021) is available from Lulu; It's a Stool Pigeon Universe (2021), available on Bandcamp, documents his 1992 work in collaboration with The Splatter Trio in a CD of thirty joint improvisations and a book including his writing in that period. He is an active member of Morgan Bay Zendo, the Climate Psychology Alliance, and USA-Palestine Mental Health Network, among other organizations. Links to his works online are at


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