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Alli Warren + Joey Yearous-Algozin: Video Conversation

Two poets, Alli Warren and Joey Yearous-Algozin, talk about their recent books. They're not scientists, but they agree we’re living the end — Earth's ecological collapse. Knowing time will continue with or without humans, what pleasures can be found in slowly reading a poem? In 'friendship, forgiveness, and non-monetary abundance,' Alli and Joey meet across West Coast/East Coast time zones to ask what poetry can (or can't) do in today's global conditions.

The third full-length collection from Bay Area poet Alli Warren, Little Hill comprises seven long poems written with propulsive prosody in a daybook fashion, examining our present, politically charged moment. These poems are at once energetic and contemplative, intimate and direct, as Warren focuses her attention on capitalism, gender, love, inequality, and resistance. Despite the dystopian now, Warren finds promise in the smallest human instances of tenderness, ecological connection, and political solidarity. Little Hill is about learning to live and love in the 21st century while not shying away from all there is to struggle against.
Adopting the role of a death doula or New Age religious leader, and drawing inspiration from the Theater of the Absurd, author Yearous-Algozin prompts readers to accept the already occurring end time. A Feeling Called Heaven oscillates between grief and humor as it imagines the nonhuman world that will grow from the ruins of this one, cultivating a sense of presence and intimacy with the inevitable destruction of our global environment.

Alli Warren

Alli Warren is the author of Little Hill (City Lights), I Love It Though (Nightboat Books), and Here Come the Warm Jets (City Lights), as well as numerous chapbooks. Alli has lived and worked in the Bay Area since 2005.

Joey Yearous-Algozin

Joey Yearous-Algozin is the author of A Feeling Called Heaven (Nightboat Books), Utopia, and the multi-volume The Lazarus Project, among others. With Holly Melgard, he has co-authored a trilogy of books Holly Melgard’s Friends and Family, White Trash, and Liquidation. He is a founding member of the publishing collective, Troll Thread. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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