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Typewriter Poems by Catalina Cariaga

ONE TYPED PAGE 3.22.2021

Since the pandemic started, every day for over a year I send a piece to One Typed Page. This piece spans the process of journal abandon to a ‘finished’ poem as such. Alongside the image, I present the poem as a two column newspaper format (remember what that is?) -- or an online news article.


I started a series of poems sparked by an artist that created tiny business card-sized doors mounted along a concrete planter near a school. If you do not look closely, you will not see them. I’ve written adult poems, haiku for kids, and have typed bilingual poems by the Chilean poet Gabriele Mistral in both Spanish and English, since the school is a dual immersion school. So far, I have not been busted. If they are stolen or torn down; no problem. I hope they won't be defaced.

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Catalina Cariaga

Catalina Cariaga has an MFA from San Francisco State University and a book of poetry, Cultural Evidence (Subpress Collective, 1999). She has work in the current Tripwire #17 and forthcoming in SF Bay’s fourth anthology, Essential Truths: The Bay Area in Color. She is a contributing editor to Poetry Flash and fixated on the typewriter while sheltering-in-place with her husband and college age son in their neighborhood of Maxwell Park in Oakland, CA.

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