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Fresno Poetics: Paul Sanchez

What I Want is to Honor the Keeper of My Shadow

— Golden Shovel after Alejandra Pizarnik’s ‘Names and Shapes’

Another day, steepled hands. Exactly what

Liminal jambs scarred my knees so bad, I

Can barely use them to speak to my want,

What could be sadder? What is sadder is

A mouthful of January, craving cold, to

Edge against the names and shapes of honor.

Leave your heart where it used to be. The

Shadow rides an iron horse of complicity, keeper

Of the saddle, made of roses, broken bones, of

Loose mystery, of pale moon mystery, of my

Mystery, Paul. The moon is a mirror ball, a shadow,

The moon is a mirror, Paul. The moon is mere ball, the

Mystery reminds bartenders to say you’re the one

Who pours out a gravesite like another round, who

Pulls a tombstone everywhere he goes, who draws

You closer to whisper ‘Suck it and see.’ Names

The patterns birds make across a sky, and

In the clouds, he swears there are shapes

like words falling out of your face spelling out

The world is full of scorpions, of serpents, full of

Nowhere, full of night, full of now, full of nothing.

Paul Sanchez

Paul Sanchez is a Fresno State MFA Graduate, trying to get some poems published. His poems can be found in the San Joaquin Review, the Undercurrent, the CWAA journal Flies, Cockroaches, and Poets, the Scene and Heard Journal and the PACIFIC Review.

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