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Sara Larsen + Steve Orth: Video Interview

In this 90-minute discussion on November 15, 2020 between Berlin, Germany and Olympia, WA, Sara Larsen talks with Steve Orth about his book The Life & Times of Steve Orth (Dogpark Collective 2020), Charlie XCX, Iggy Pop, poetry communities, Twin Peaks: The Return, Kevin Killian, Whole Foods, Franz Kafka, and more.

Dripping with class resentment and charm, The Life & Times Of Steve Orth taps into generational disgust with an American status quo that has failed to deliver any meaningful accommodations to working people on its descent into the gig-economy. Collecting over a decade of Orth's fiction and poetry, this debut addresses the political and existential demands of the present moment with a searching lust for life and a lot of humor. Through his stories of disgruntled store clerks and bumbling men, Orth's commitment to the present and its perils opens up around our American crises. Still, national headlines don't dictate the morals of Orth's book so much as they shape the lived reality of a subject who was always-already late to work.

Steve Orth

Steve Orth writes fiction, poetry and plays. His chapbooks include Cyborg Legs (OMG!), A Perfect Day For Scottie Pippen (Cookie Books), and Lust For Life (Travelin' Lite.) He has edited the DIY literary magazine Where Eagles Dare, curated Hybrid Moments reading series, and co-edited Summer BF Press with Lindsey Boldt. THE LIFE & TIMES OF STEVE ORTH (Dogpark Collective) is his first book.

Sara Larsen

Sara Larsen is the author of The Riot Grrrl Thing, Merry Hell, and All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous. IG: @sarasaralarsen  Twitter: @saralarsenpoet

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