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a semicolon with a green bottom and a yellow top, made to look like a dandelion.

Sonic Language 1: living - sign - event


As an extension of DROUGHT SPA's (alex cruse & Kevin CK Lo's) experimental intermedia + kinesthetic practice, this workshop invites participants to collaboratively generate an index of sonic-poetic materials and gestures. Through collective decision-making, these entries will be matched to semantic content in a process facilitated by software of Lo's design. Poems in the style of Hannah Weiner's Code Poems (1982) will emerge, to be read and repeated to one another. living - sign - event asks: how is a lexicon created? What is the interface between meaning and abstraction, and how can these meanings be located and shared?


This is part of the four-session workshop Sonic Language.

Sunday, September 24 | 2:00-4:00 pm
Sunday, September 24, 2023
2:00 pm


Et al. etc.
2831a Mission St, SF


Et al.'s exhibition spaces are on the ground floor; the entrance and bathrooms are wheelchair-accessible.

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DROUGHT SPA is the performance-experiment and research platform of artists alex cruse and Kevin CK Lo, who live and work on Chochenyo Ohlone land. Since 2015 cruse and Lo have used generative visuals, stochastic synthesis, sensing-technologies, video, text, and movement to explore questions around statecraft and the built environment; the political economy of machinic/nonhuman sensing; and the weaponization of time-based media, among other topics.

DROUGHT SPA has performed and/or presented at Cloaca Projects, Brown University, San Francisco State University Poetry Center, UC Berkeley's CNMAT, Gray Area (San Francisco), Indexical (Santa Cruz), CounterPulse (San Francisco), SOMArts (San Francisco), B4BEL4B Gallery (Oakland), Aeromoto (Mexico City), Audio Foundation (Auckland), the International Symposium of Electronic Art (Vancouver), and elsewhere.

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