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a semicolon with a green bottom and a yellow top, made to look like a dandelion.

Sonic Language Workshop

This four-part workshop studies the relationship between sound and text with the help of local and visiting sonic specialists. From intermedia and kinesthetic practices, through interactive and generative recording, to subversive hearing methods, Sonic Language offers participants a multi-faceted methodology for oral/aural engagement in writing. Participants will receive training in various technologies of sound to more fully let language resonate, to tune the dials that make poetry. 


This year's workshops were organized by Laura Nelson and Noah Ross, a curatorial team assembled by SPT Board Member Melissa Mack.


DROUGHT SPA is the performance-experiment and research platform of artists alex cruse and Kevin CK Lo, who live and work on Chochenyo Ohlone land. Since 2015 cruse and Lo have used generative visuals, stochastic synthesis, sensing-technologies, video, text, and movement to explore questions around statecraft and the built environment; the political economy of machinic/nonhuman sensing; and the weaponization of time-based media, among other topics.

DROUGHT SPA has performed and/or presented at Cloaca Projects, Brown University, San Francisco State University Poetry Center, UC Berkeley's CNMAT, Gray Area (San Francisco), Indexical (Santa Cruz), CounterPulse (San Francisco), SOMArts (San Francisco), B4BEL4B Gallery (Oakland), Aeromoto (Mexico City), Audio Foundation (Auckland), the International Symposium of Electronic Art (Vancouver), and elsewhere.

Eliot D’Silva

Eliot D’Silva is an interdisciplinary writer and teacher living in Berkeley, CA. His scholarly work, undertaken in UC Berkeley’s Department of English, explores how experimental writers use recording technologies to document their everyday lives. Recent literary work has appeared at the 2022 Other Places Art Fair in San Bruno, CA. 

최 Lindsay | Lindsay Choi

Based in Berkeley, CA, 최 Lindsay is the author of Transverse (Futurepoem, 2021), which was a finalist for the 2022 Lambda Literary Award in Transgender Poetry. They are also the author of the chapbooks Who Can Remember His Past Lives (Belladonna* Chaplet Series, 2022), and Matrices (speCt! Books, 2017). Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in translation in Nioques, 22/23: Nouvelle Poésie des États-Unis (New U.S. Poetry), edited by DoubleChange Collective and translated to French by Abigail Lang, and Tydningen, translated to Swedish by Sara Wengström. Recent writing can be found in Amerarcana and Aster(ix) Journal. They are a Kundiman fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in English at UC Berkeley, and they run the chapbook press MO(0)ON/IO. Visit them at
Kimberly Alidio

Kimberly Alidio is the author of Teeter (Nightboat Books), why letter ellipses (selva oscura press), : once teeth bones coral : (Belladonna*), and after projects the resound (Black Radish Books). Her writing has been nominated for the United States Artists Fellowship and awarded the Nightboat Poetry Prize. She lives on Munsee-Mohican lands along the Mahicannituck River, otherwise known as New York’s Upper Hudson Valley.
Noah Ross

Noah Ross is a poet in the East Bay, the author of The Dogs (Krupskaya, 2024), Active Reception (Nightboat Books, 2021), and Types (Nion Editions, 2021). Noah edits Baest: a journal of queer forms & affects.