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Sonic Language 2: Sound as a Generative Process


This generative writing session is dedicated to exploring the interface between sound and the page. The workshop offers a variety of prompts aimed towards experimenting with the sound of words, volumizing the formal possibilities of minute textual or sonic units. The session is interactive and will also explore the power of sound recording technologies to take writing in new directions. Working with an understanding of writing as a broad category that extends into other media, we’ll run activities that equip participants with some basic skills for using digital recording and editing as part of their writing practice. We’ll each make sound recordings, and demonstrate, through collages of this material, how software can be used to manipulate and recontextualise aspects of our written work. Ideally, the session will be a free-flowing mix of writing workshop, skill-share and group discussion. 

Things this session hopes to do:

  • Think through sound as a generative process
  • Encourage participants to experiment with the sounds of words themselves
  • Use sound recording technologies, e.g. software such as Ableton and Protools
  • Initiate participants into the creative possibilities of recording as part of writing
  • Make recordings of our own texts and use sampling to play with this recorded material, i.e. we’ll each make a digital recording of a short sound or word which can then be manipulated with respect to its pitch and rhythm, played backwards or recorded in a loop, echoed  


This is part of the four-session Sonic Language workshop.

Sunday, October 8 | 2:00-4:00 pm
Sunday, October 8, 2023
2:00 pm


Et al. etc.
2831a Mission St, SF


Et al. etc.'s exhibition spaces are on the ground floor; the entrance and bathrooms are wheelchair-accessible.

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최 Lindsay | Lindsay Choi

Based in Berkeley, CA, 최 Lindsay is the author of Transverse (Futurepoem, 2021), which was a finalist for the 2022 Lambda Literary Award in Transgender Poetry. They are also the author of the chapbooks Who Can Remember His Past Lives (Belladonna* Chaplet Series, 2022), and Matrices (speCt! Books, 2017). Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in translation in Nioques, 22/23: Nouvelle Poésie des États-Unis (New U.S. Poetry), edited by DoubleChange Collective and translated to French by Abigail Lang, and Tydningen, translated to Swedish by Sara Wengström. Recent writing can be found in Amerarcana and Aster(ix) Journal. They are a Kundiman fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in English at UC Berkeley, and they run the chapbook press MO(0)ON/IO. Visit them at
Eliot D’Silva

Eliot D’Silva is an interdisciplinary writer and teacher living in Berkeley, CA. His scholarly work, undertaken in UC Berkeley’s Department of English, explores how experimental writers use recording technologies to document their everyday lives. Recent literary work has appeared at the 2022 Other Places Art Fair in San Bruno, CA. 

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